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Elles-Moca - "Lemon Pepper Freestyle"

In a male dominated industry only a few females have solidified their name in Hip Hop history. Bold, creative and diplomatic, a young female by the alias of Elles-Moca has emerged to leave her mark.

At the age of 13, Elles-Moca has already been interested in creating music and started to develop her skills independently. As Elles-Moca's interest continued to grow, there would be obstacles that would stand in the way and circumstances that would mould her character, make her stronger, and resourceful.

Never the one to be playing with barbies she would get her hands dirty instead with the boys sculpting her aggressive go getter attitude resulting in her playing by her own rules. While patiently waiting for her turn to shine, Elles -Moca had faced various trials and tribulations that plague a lot of artist particulary females. Always about a strong work ethic, her male counterparts were too caught up on the rap image and sterotypes.

As small groups and crews were formed amongst surrounding parties, resulted in them never being close knit units. This forced Elles-Moca to take initiative again to travel from one end of the city to the other to record music, and pursue her dream. This proved to be a enlightening experience. She learned of the constant struggle she had to face due to her gender but more importantly, the type of people she needed to surround herself with to attain great results and accolades.

Heavy on lyrics, thought provoking bars and beats only emcees can spit on, Elles-Moca recruits her generals and executives to send the message that she wont be stopped. A natural born leader, visionary and dime piece wrapped in one , Elles-Moca is ready to leave a lasting impression on the game as she is cut from a different cloth lyrically.


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