Fort Worth, Texas native El Vow drops a new masterpiece titled, "Dream In Color"

Dream In Color, a masterpiece of musical genius, El Vow is pure talent with an even bigger heart for his family. Filled with steam from his extensive touring, he finds time to release one of the best underground EPs of this quarter. A great blend of latino vibes, southern slurs and uptempo productions. A native from Fort Worth, Texas also known as Murdaworth, he finds a better way to turn his circumstances into a golden ticket. A loving family man, who has the passion and fight of a lion.

You will love his new EP from start to finish. It’s hard to list a few songs to keep on instant repeat because all 7 of these songs hold their own potion for your soul. I do request you give this project a few listens for the culture as his music will do your soul the ultimate justice. Before I conclude this review, I want to express that the blend of genres displayed on this project is created with strategy to wheel you in. Plus El Vow formerly went by DJ Vow, so he has a very defined ear for real music and articulate outlook on real music.

This project has fusion of great vibes from El Vow, just in time for the chill season. Join El Vow’s world today by streaming his new EP on all streaming platforms.

Dream In Color EP


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