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Junior x Nelly team ups for one of the dopest heavy weight records of the year.

Junior AKA JR, a successful artist who released a song called "Best Friend" before all the other Best Friends versions of the song you heard released on the scene, history was made. He has proven he can make hits his way and captivate the music scene no matter if it's locally or nationally.

Junior and Nelly teaming up was a very smart move to release "Fully Loaded" because they complement each other's creative spaces and sound so raw together.

After the St. Luncatics mayhem and Nelly's respective approach to speak his truths on a local radio platform, showed the city he never left and he's always putting in work in the background. His entire verse justifies why he is the champ of St. Louis, MO.

Looking forward to hearing more songs or an entire project from these two fellas in the near future

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