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Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Kinetic Aesthetic is a weekly audio show created by host Jerm designed around exploring the mind and psyche of a modern day male in the 21st century. Topics of all sorts are up for discussion about the society we are in, and culture we have learned and changed. Ranging from spirituality to religion, sports to all things geek related, Kinetic Aesthetic is about understanding modern day male culture and how it impacts not only men, but the world around them.

Jerm states that he created this podcast as an outlet “The desire to connect with and provide a voice to a lot of regular guys out there who may not feel represented. This show is his way of providing a voice of sanity and normalcy that he feels is lacking in mainstream media." Because he feels as if “and this is for black men in general, we have become type casted as a group to where we only have 3 or 4 roles we can fill, and I think that's bull to say the least.”

This podcast is for everyone who has been on the outside looking in. When explaining the name of the podcast he explains that“It comes from my belief that my energy is kinetic, in the sense that it's always shifting and evolving. It's a testament to what I feel is an energy that's both hard to pin down and even harder to explain. It's just kinetic, and I guess the aesthetic part just comes from my love of a nice aesthetic. Not necessarily the physical beauty, but the overall way a look comes together.”

He wants women to know that they are welcome too. This will be a great place to get in the mix and learn more about the peculiar behaviors and actions of all sexes! While also learning yourself and tapping into the basics of life that we have gotten away from.

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