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Koz.Me - “Bling Bling”

Artist-on-the-come-up Koz.Me has just dropped his latest track, “Bling Bling.”

The sure-hit comes on the heels of his success single “Far From Average,” which dropped early 2021. “Far From Average” rose steadily up the DRT charts -- cracking the top 150 on the Global chart, and coming in in the Top 40 on the Independent Releases chart.

Now, with the upbeat “Bling Bling” Koz.Me is taking his international swag to another level. The video, which debuted May 31, as of June 15 it already had nearly 21K views. The clip shows off Koz.Me high-energy charisma and his choreography/dance skills. Filmed in locations around NYC, the clip is non-stop fun.

Koz.Me choreographs each of his music videos and co-directs the clips.

“Bling Bling is a song about celebration -- celebrating life, celebrating success. It’s a vibe,” says Koz.Me.

The music Koz.Me makes is too big for one genre. It's hip hop, R&B, pop, kizomba, Afrobeat, dancehall, reggaeton, trapton, club. It’s all of the above.

For about three years, Koz.Me was cooking in his lab to develop his own unique, international sound. He experimented with fusing different genres and like always, hard work paid off.

A singer, songwriter, beatmaker, he also mixes, audio engineers, and produces his own music as well as that of other artists from all around New York. “Bling Bling” was written, co-produced, recorded, and mixed by the artist himself.

In other words, is an all-round artist and total entertainer.

Koz.Me’s musical dreams started way back on the tiny island of São Nicolau in Cape Verde.

Growing up, music always guided his spirit. Even though as a young boy he was involved in music in his church, it was in his early teens that he started on his musical path. He formed a hip-hop crew that performed in local community festivals. Koz.Me soon discovered he had bigger and broader dreams. He didn’t want to be defined just by hip hop even though hip hop is part of him. This revelation led him to his next move.

He became a drive-time DJ at Radio Cidade, one of the country's major radio stations, with the goal of to connect with national and international music personalities. During this period he was able to be surrounded by music, study music styles, and define his target audience.

Recording and singing under the name ELL Cosme, he released his first professional single, “Koza Sab” in 2014. It was an instant hit in Cape Verde and generated international media attention and radio plays in Portugal, The Netherlands, France, other parts of Africa, as well as in NYC, Boston, and parts of Connecticut and Rhode Island. The song stayed at No. 1 on radio and TV for months, driven by public demand.

Other hit singles followed, among them “Amor Na Club” and “I Love You More,” which he performed across his country in major music festivals in front of thousands.

Koz.Me’s journey then led him to New York City where he put 110% in preparing for musical stardom.

Koz.Me immersed himself in the art and business of entertainment. He studied hip-hop dance at the preeminent Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. He became a certified audio engineer through his studies at the renowned SAE Institute New York.

In 2019, he dropped “Vibes,” his first music project in the U.S., which featured tracks that he had stored in the vaults. While the singles “Be There” and “Na Pared” were well received, Koz.Me still yearned to evolve his sound even more.

Now he’s ready to unveil his evolution on an international scale.

“I want to bring my music to the world. People everywhere can relate to my music, can have fun with my music, dream with it, reminisce with it, fly with it,” says Koz.Me. “I want to give hope to kids all around the world that dreams do come true.”

“Bling Bling” is now on all platforms.




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