Lil KMT - "Adventures Of A Rockstar"

South Carolina-based artist Lil KMT has become synonymous with creating music that's undeniably upbeat and unconditionally contagious. Through his latest EP, entitled ‘Adventures Of A Rockstar’, Lil KMT continues to fly the flag for his own breed of ‘Punk Rap’, a style that he’s fast become associated with.

From the high-octane, 808-laden sounds of 'M2S' to the more downtempo, relaxed hip-hop approach of 'Voices In My Head', each track presents a different flavor that share the common denominator of Lil KMT's positive energy, eclectic flow, and relentless rock and roll spirit. The track will also be accompanied by a music video.

Lil KMT is currently working alongside CSP Music Group, a professional artist agency who have sold over 350 million records worldwide. Under the guidance of super-producer, Christopher Starr, this EP serves as a relatable yet succinct wrap-up of everything he’s been through up until now.

"The lyrics in these songs strictly speak truths. I want this release to act as proof that nothing life puts on you has to define you or determine your future. Through focus & determination, you can change your path & live the life that you deserve to live with. Don’t stop". Lil KMT For media inquiries, including interviews and all things press-related, please email For more info on Lil KMT and why he’s an artist to watch in 2021 and beyond Check out his video EPK here.

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