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Chicago is known for some of the most talented lyricists and creatives in entertainment from greats like Do or Die, Twista, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Chance The Rapper, Kanye West and more. It’s an absolute pleasure to introduce our readers to the next superstar to blow from the Midwest, Picasso De Conscience, who possesses the true star power to carry on the torches that those before him have lit. He is a pioneer in his own lane, whose music delivers clever concepts and humor that draws you in so smoothly. His latest release, “Mona Lisa” featuring Twista and Sasha Go Hard gives you a grand entrance of how creative he truly is. Deep and raspy voice, rose petals and smooth bars will surely make the ladies “Forever love him” inspired from his hook. Teaming up with Twista and Sasha Go Hard, Picasso De Conscience obstructed one of the dopest indie collaborations of the 3rd quarter. Applying life lessons blended with luxurious and leaving and sensuous pleasure to the ladies, it's safe to say that the skies are the limit for Chicago’s Finest.

Picasso De Conscience- Mona Lisa featuring Twista & Sasha Go HarD

Continue to stream Picasso De Conscience’s latest release, performances, and more<sid=a9d4aee6-9cee-4532-991c-764e6a8b0a80

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