Rapper Escovar released 3 classic projects this summer and has one on the way!

In just a few months over the summer Bronx Rapper Escovar has dropped two albums and a mixtape and the music is legendary! LeVar Dale known in music as Escovar to date, in just a short time, has over 50 releases independently streaming across all platforms. “The Bronx is back“ says Jadakiss who cosigned Escovar via Instagram earlier this year which ended up being a feature on Escovar’s highest streaming single to date “High Frequency.“ The cosigns don't stop there! He also has a song called “Bars“ hosted by Busta Rhymes. I asked Escovar is he open to features, and why he hasn’t had many yet? and he replied “Yes, I'm just waiting for the right people to reach out“. Not needed, Escovar controls the wave on his projects carrying you from start to finish without any skips. The production is hypnotizing, the rumble in his voice, and the shocking things that come out his mouth keeps you tuned in until the end leaving you excited for more. I found a playlist on Spotify of Escovar’s that updates all of his music. I left the link below for you to check it out. Something tells me Escovar is here and isn’t going anywhere...

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