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Ronald Mkiza – “Chapter 2: Rat Race”

Rising artist Ronald Mkiza returns with a hot new project titled “Chapter 2: Rat Race”. The talented artist has a contagious energy and hard hitting bars that make you want to play this at full volume. If you enjoy real hip hop make sure you check out this dope EP now!

Ronald Mkiza has firmly established his name in the rap game with his debut record “Point Of View” released in 2017. He has continued to refine his craft to perfection over the years to follow, releasing several singles and a second record that took his music straight to the top of charts and playlists all around the world. Ronald Mkiza is droppin’ serious bars on a series of new cuts that reveal his X-factor & flex his finesse like never before in.

His sound has an immersive production, and the aesthetics of the instrumentals are just as impressive as the vocal delivery, which happens to be the true star of this arrangement, perfectly capturing all of the passion and creative vision that makes Ronald’s music so personal and special.

Get familiar with Ronald Mkiza because he’s quickly rising to the top!


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