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Unoriginalfeen - "The Chakra Album"

The Chakra Album by Unoriginalfeen is a frequency based album with music to awaken your Chakras, which is the energy of your life. There are 7 songs averaging out to 15 minutes as there are 7 Chakras. This album was produced by Vicious.Von & each song is customized with the music note and frequency related to the Chakra.

This album can help you when you’re experiencing anxiety or depression, waking up, exercising, need to relax, take a breather, going to sleep, trying to soothe a child or client, or when you need time to reflect and just cannot deal with silence!

Root Chakra

Music Note C

Frequency 396 hz

Color Red

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Capricorn

Sacral Chakra

Music Note D

Frequency 417 hz

Color Orange

Zodiac Sign Pisces Sagittarius

Solar Plexus Chakra

Music Note E

Frequency 528 hz

Color Yellow

Zodiac Sign Aries Scorpio

Heart Chakra

Music Note F

Frequency 639 hz

Color Green

Zodiac Sign Taurus Libra

Throat Chakra

Music Note G

Frequency 741 hz

Color Blue

Zodiac Sign Virgo Gemini

Third Eye Chakra

Music Note A

Frequency 852 hz

Color Indigo

Zodiac Sign Leo Cancer

Crown Chakra

Music Note B

Frequency 936 hz

Color Purple

Zodiac Sign Divine Bliss State

In the book that the album stemmed from called 📖 "The Chakra Education Book Navigating The Energy of Life" you can learn more daily tips and tricks that you can apply to your lifestyle to stay in good vibrations!

Be sure you check out more #HealthyLifestyle #Hacks, #Blogs, #BreakdownVideos, & "The Chakra Album" 🎶 at 🌍

FB & IG: @UnoriginalfeenKollections

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