Therealgoosebumps - "Wish"

Meet Haiti’s Multi-talented DJ Alexandre Verna, Also known as TheRealGoosebumps. Alexandre was born on September 13, 1996 in Port au prince which is the slums of Haiti. He grew up without a father figure and had no choice but to be the man of the house, in fact most days were rough having to starve and really experience the hardness of life. But that didn’t stop this young prodigy from dreaming big, at the age of 6 Alexandre moved to Miami, Fl with his mom, where he earned his name TheRealGoosebumps. Starting at the bottom while in high school he was djing for every high school party in Miami Florida. Which then lead him to djing for 21+ night clubs in South Beach and Downtown Miami after graduating highschool. Alexandre began to outshine other djs making a name for himself in the streets. Mixing music genres like dance hall, Spanish rap and old school hiphop, TheRealGooseBumps began to open up eyes around the world and Getting an opportunity to Dj one of the biggest music festivals ever designed “Rolling Loud”. Also flying to places like Bahamas, Vietnam, Canada etc and Djing huge sets across the world. TheRealGooseBumps has worked with main stream artist such as XXXTENTACION, Playboi Carti, Rich The Kid, Aboogie, Chief Keef and many more. It is safe to say TheRealGooseBumps is one of the biggest DJs ever lived.

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